Business Thursday: 5 Apps Essential for Business Travel (Part I)


  1. TripIt – allows you to combine all the different travel documents, like flights, hotels, car rentals, and restaurant reservations, into one master itinerary; free; Apple & AndroidExpensify-App
  2. Expensify – allows you to make expense reports on the go; it tracks mileage, creates reports from photos of receipts, and collates it into a nice PDF; free; Apple & Android


  3. Free Wi-fi Finder – wi-fi is a business necessity! With more than 145,000 entries in 144 countries, this app allows you to search for free wi-fi by spot (e.g., coffee shop) or geographical area; free; Apple & Androidgateguru-kayak
  4. GateGuru – not all those who wander are lost, but when you are in an airport, sometimes you don’t have time to wander. This app provides you with a layout of the airport, as well as gate by gate list of restaurants and shops; free; Apple & Androidhopstop-new-york
  5. HopStop – this app is an alternative to Google or Apple Maps; it provides you with transportation infrastructure in great detail, as well as walking, biking, transit, and driving directions; it services 300 cities in countries like US, Canada (but no Vancouver!!), Russia, France, UK, Australia, Germany, Norway, New Zealand, and Israel; free; Apple only. And if you are curious to read an app review/comparison with Google map, Mashable has a great article.

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