About Cate


I’m Cate.

Nice to meet you.

I imagine you are visiting this page because you love to travel. Well, so do I! My first big adventure was moving to Canada with my mom from Eastern Europe. We moved in the middle of November and it was -40 Celsius!! Since then, I have visited over 10 countries and dozens of cities. I am a total sun seeker (maybe still catching up from those -40 days!). I adore architecture and cuisine of European countries, but I am also a total sucker for an all-inclusive. Pictured below are my coming of age trip to Ukraine via train, and more recently….a relaxing trip to Mexico.


I haven’t always worked in travel. My background is highly academic, with an emphasis on research. I have a BSc (Honors) and an MA, both completed on full scholarships. When my life came to a cross-road of a PhD or travel, well, I had to follow the advice of the 90s hip-hop trio De La Soul. It goes something like this: And [publishing papers in some] office, that orbits in the mind of another man, and switched that [MA] over to another plan. Flight Centre-Royal Centre is my second home now, and I couldn’t be happier!

photo copy
Presenting a poster at a conference

Now, I am a cat mom, animal welfare activist, occasional hiker, and a travel photography fanatic.


Now, I do what I love. I help others travel. Whether you are going to the most visited city in the world or somewhere most people haven’t even heard of, my goal is simple: I want to get you what you want.

Luxury, safety, efficiency, or affordability: my priority is your priority.

So, what are you waiting for? There’s a hell of a good universe next door:
let’s go.


Most visited city in the world is London.

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