InvestiCATEon: What movies are playing on my flight?

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Flights may only make up a small portion of a trip, but they can certainly feel like a life time. My favorite plane pass time is catching up on movies. I still remember the movie that played on my very first plane ride…it was Rush Hour. Let’s face it, it’s a classic, and it totally distracted me enough to not be scared. See, in-flight entertainment matters!

I have a loooong flight coming up, and in anticipation of it, I have been debating whether I should re-download the Serial podcast (where is season 2?????), you know, in case there aren’t any good movies playing in the air. BUT as I am flying with Air Canada, in-flight entertainment is no longer a mystery. You can go on their website, and check out what movies are playing on your exact flight!

I am so excited some of my favorites are playing! Trainwreck, Slumdog Millionaire, and Darjeeling Limited.

Fun Fact: Air Canada, Singapore Airlines, Emirates, JetBlue, and Virgin America were all named top in-flight entertainment airlines!



Mystery Solved: does it matter what day you book your flight?

There is a (possibly truthful) legend that you should book your flights on certain days of the week or certain times of day. Well, I tried to test this theory in the simplest way possible. I looked up airfares from Calgary to Vancouver for two airlines, AirCanada and WestJet, at the same time of day (10 am) on 3 days of the week: Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.


The weekend is supposed to the WORST time to shop for flights. Both WestJet (WJ) and AirCanada (AC) have comparable prices on Sunday. AC has a couple of more expensive flights (the range is from 169-205); however, WJ’s cheapest flight is 18 cents more than AC.


So, I heard Tuesday IS the best day to buy tickets. Is this true? YES. The flights are CHEAPER. AC comes in at $154, 15 dollars cheaper than before. And WJ has a similar trend, with all tickets across the board coming in at $154.48.



After Tuesday, prices even out and remain stable.


 Do you shop on a specific day of the week? If so, which one??