In Honor of USA Sun Vacation Sale!

Flight Centre currently has an amazing offer for packages to USA Sun destinations, like California, Nevada, Arizona, Hawaii, Florida, AND Puerto Rico! We are offering $200 OFF PER ADULT for custom packages which include flights from Canada, accommodation (3 nights minimum), and an activity. You can email me any time for more information:  . In honor of this sale, I wanted to include a couple of my own highlights from some of the places on the list!

  1. Dole Pineapple Plantation in Hawaii
    Oahu is breath taking. The Hawaiian culture just inspires the ultimate sense of CHILL. The pineapple…ahem CHERRY … on top of the trip, was the my visit to the Dole Planation, where I tried delicious pineapple ice cream and looked my very best in a bikini (haha get it? because I am a pineapple in the pic below)
  2. Grand Canyon just outside Las Vegas
    I did Grand Canyon independently the first time, and with a tour the second. I highly recommend the latter. There is so much to see, and it is pretty difficult not to get lost in the “awe” of it all during your visit. Also, the tour company packed an amazing snack box and provided comfy, festive blankies for when it gets nice and chilly at the Canyon.

  3. Disneyland in LA
    My first visit to Disney was as an adult, and I cried from accidental joy. Also, try the churros.
  4. Do everything in Phoenix!
    I love Phoenix, AZ. Like truly love it. The long highways and the tall palm trees are music to my soul. It’s home to the BEST BBQ joint in the universe (no exaggerations here) and huevos rancheros that will make your mouth taste like heaven. If you want to go to Phoenix, we need to CHAT.

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Vacation Auction (Nov 30)

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If you have been looking for an excuse to go on a vacation, I think you might have just found one. Transat is putting in motion a really unique idea tomorrow! A vacation auction.

To participate, you have to follow Air Transat on Twitter, and tomorrow, on November 30th, you will get a chance to bid on packages of your choice. The best part? Transat Auction raises funds in support of a wonderful organization: SOS Children’s Villages.

For more information, click here and for auction rules, click here.

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Mystery Solved: does it matter what day you book your flight?

There is a (possibly truthful) legend that you should book your flights on certain days of the week or certain times of day. Well, I tried to test this theory in the simplest way possible. I looked up airfares from Calgary to Vancouver for two airlines, AirCanada and WestJet, at the same time of day (10 am) on 3 days of the week: Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.


The weekend is supposed to the WORST time to shop for flights. Both WestJet (WJ) and AirCanada (AC) have comparable prices on Sunday. AC has a couple of more expensive flights (the range is from 169-205); however, WJ’s cheapest flight is 18 cents more than AC.


So, I heard Tuesday IS the best day to buy tickets. Is this true? YES. The flights are CHEAPER. AC comes in at $154, 15 dollars cheaper than before. And WJ has a similar trend, with all tickets across the board coming in at $154.48.



After Tuesday, prices even out and remain stable.


 Do you shop on a specific day of the week? If so, which one??

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