Have a Fantastic Weekend….and Look at this Ship!

I have no words….you just have to watch this for yourself. This is a total dreamcateon!! So many activities, absolute luxury, and newest technology. With amenities like this, I doubt you will ever want to get off the ship!

Have a happy weekend everyone, and if you have any questions about cruises…or life in general, email me at cate.ciu@flightcentre.ca


A Caribbean Resort Alternative: Cuba Cruise


I have been to Cuba many many times. It is one of my favorite countries that my heart just totally connects to. So I was pretty excited when I found out that Transat is doing a CUBA CRUISE. During the cruise, you get to visit UNESCO World Heritage sites, national parks, as well as the gorgeous streets, beaches, and mountain paths of Cuba. AND, you do a quick touchdown in Jamaica.

This cruise fits a stricter budget. The rooms are not too luxurious, but……this cruise…..unlike many others INCLUDES UNLIMITED BOOZE, which is a huge deal in terms of your on-board budget if you like to indulge in cocktail or two. The ship also has plenty of amenities, like pools, children activity programs, 3 restaurants, gym, and even a casino! Also, kind of cool, you can add a week long stay at a resort before or after your cruise. If you want to learn more about this cruise, email me at cate.ciu@flightcentre.ca

Just me lovingly starring at the ocean in CUBA ❤

Happy Humpday: Holy Ship

If you have ever held the misconception that cruises are for “old” people, THINK AGAIN. Holy Ship is basically a rave or Coachella…or Burning Man…on a ship. Departing from Port of Miami, this party cruise sails to the Caribbean and Bahamas. The waiting list can be up to TWO YEARS, and the next two cruises, scheduled for January and February 2016, are already sold out. The cruise is only 3 days, but let’s face it, that’s probably enough to detox for the next month.

If you want to learn more about this cruise, email me at cate.ciu@flightcentre.ca

Tinder on Water: Solo Travel with NCL

Photo from the NCL website

A recent survey conducted by Sandals found that more people are looking to travel alone. Solo travel has been a bit of a gap in the market and more companies will be serving to this demographic. However, NCL got here first. NCL has Singles cruises for those looking for a captain…of their heart. With cool lounges and activities, it is easier to meet people than ever. The rooms range from studios, like the one above (let’s face, it’s still bigger than my apartment in Vancouver) to penthouses. And where is this ship going? Only the most romantic places, of course: Spain, Italy, Portugal, England, and more! If you want to learn more about this cruise, email me at cate.ciu@flightcentre.ca

A little more about NCL:

Magic Monday: Disney Cruise Line

When planning an exciting trip for their kids, parents often feel like they have two choices: Disneyland or Disney World. However, their options don’t stop there. Disney is offering exciting cruises to Northern Europe in 2015 and 2016, which are perfect for people of all ages. Kids get to meet their favorite Disney characters, while parents get to visit the most beautiful places on Earth. Most importantly, when it comes to Disney, the key word is quality. Unlike some other destinations (no shade), parents can have a peace of mind when traveling with their kids with Disney, as it is a trusted company dedicated to delivering only the highest level of service. If you want to learn more about this cruise, email me at cate.ciu@flightcentre.ca

Welcome to Cruise Week!


In honor of Flight Centre October cruise deals, this week is CRUISE WEEK!!!!!!!! Travel options are truly expanding for those who want to experience the world from the comfort of their own cabin. No more living out of the suitcase or trying to book multiple hotel accommodations. Cruises are your one-stop-shop…to the WORLD. For the next 5 days, I will be highlighting different cruises, so come away with me!

PS: If you want to learn more about this cruise, email me at cate.ciu@flightcentre.ca

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