Tinder on Water: Solo Travel with NCL

Photo from the NCL website

A recent survey conducted by Sandals found that more people are looking to travel alone. Solo travel has been a bit of a gap in the market and more companies will be serving to this demographic. However, NCL got here first. NCL has Singles cruises for those looking for a captain…of their heart. With cool lounges and activities, it is easier to meet people than ever. The rooms range from studios, like the one above (let’s face, it’s still bigger than my apartment in Vancouver) to penthouses. And where is this ship going? Only the most romantic places, of course: Spain, Italy, Portugal, England, and more! If you want to learn more about this cruise, email me at cate.ciu@flightcentre.ca

A little more about NCL:


DreamCATEon: Galina Rzhaksenskaya from Bachelor Russia 3 (Галина Ржаксенская)

Guilty as charged. I loooooooove the Bachelor….but, especially the Eastern European editions (Ukraine and Russia). Galina is spending her summer in ITALY and her photos are so gorgeous, hence, they are this week’s dreamcation feature.

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Good Luck Charms Around the World

I am super duper superstitious. This is 100% due to my Eastern European upbringing. We take this stuff seriously. I think my grandmother would prefer me lighting a cigarette in the house than….God forbid…whistling (if you whistle indoors, the house will have no money). It may be a placebo effect, but as another Russian saying goes, better safe than sorry. Here are some good luck charms around the world.

Turkey/Greece/Italy – Nazar – Eye shaped amulet that protects from the evil eye


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