February Paradise: Azores


Azores is a cluster of islands west of continental Portugal, but there are really no words to describe the beauty of this destination. It combines nature landscapes that will leave you breathless, finger-licking Portuguese cuisine, and a unique cultural experience away from familiar chains and brands seen everywhere in bigger Europe cities (why is there an H&M on every corner?)

When one of my clients said she wanted to go to Azores, I’m not going to lie..I did not know where Azores were (travel agents are people too!). For us, North Americans, Azores is a bit of a hidden treasure. And Europe, in general, can seem inaccessible.¬†But, if you go at the right time (off season) and stay at the right places, a Europe package can cost you less than an all-inclusive. For example, this is the package I put together for my client.

  • Toronto, ON – Azores flights (direct;¬†6 hr)
  • Airport-hotel transfer roundtrip
  • 9 nights at a centrally located 4* Talisman boutique hotel
  • $1,181.96 CAD per person (based on 2 people in 1 room)

Are you interested in a custom package? Email me at cate.ciu@flightcentre.ca


Cruise Deals!!

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 9.09.43 PM

Guys, Flight Centre is having a CRUISE SALE this month!! If you are interested about specific deals, email me at cate.ciu@flightcentre.ca

Japan Travel Deals!

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Last week, my dreamCATEon feature was Japan! Well, our October campaign features an awesome deal for 75 dollars off (select) HOTELS in Japan per person or 150 per couple!!! Book today with me via cate.ciu@flightcentre.ca